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Sewage pump
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Model significance


Product profile

LW explosion-proof type vertical sewage pump is based on the introduction of foreign advanced technology, combined with the use of domestic water pump features a new generation of pumps and the successful development, with significant energy saving effect, anti wound, non blocking, automatic installation and automatic control characteristics. In the discharge of solid particles and long fiber waste, has a unique effect.

This series pump adopts the unique impeller structure and the new mechanical seal, which can effectively convey the solid and long fiber. Compared with the conventional impeller impeller, the pump impeller uses a single or dual channel form, it is similar to a cross-section of the same size pipe, with a flow of very good too, with reasonable volute chamber, the pump has the advantages of high efficiency, the impeller by the static and dynamic balance test, the pump running without vibration.

The pump hydraulic performance of advanced, mature, the product has been tested and the performance indicators to meet the standards, products on the market with its unique function, reliable performance, stable quality, welcomed by the majority of users and praise.

Product features

1, using the double blade impeller structure, greatly improving the ability through the dirt

Using a new type of friction sealing 2, mechanical, and long into the oil chamber operation;

3, compact structure, small size, small sound, energy saving effect is obvious, easy maintenance, convenient user replacement;

4, automatic control cabinet can be based on the need to change the liquefaction, automatic control of the pump to move and stop, no special care, the use of extremely convenient;

5, according to the user needs to install the way, it to the installation, maintenance of great convenience, people do not have to enter the sewage pit;

6, can be used in the design range, and to ensure that the motor will not overload;

7, the pump with outdoor motor without pump room, can be installed directly and save money for outdoor use;

Product use

LW series of non clogging sewage pump used for factory commercialheavily pollutedwaste water, the main residential area of the sewage station, city sewage treatment plant to send water system, air defense system drainage station, tap water plant water supply equipment, hotel, hospital sewage, municipal engineering construction, mining completewithmachine, biogas digesters in rural areas irrigation, industry, sewage containing particles, dirt, can also be used to clean water and weak corrosive medium.

Use conditions

1, the sewage pump series products in the rated voltage of 380V, power supply frequency of 50Hz

2, medium temperature more than 40 degrees Celsius, medium density is less than 1150kg/m3, pH in the range of 5-9;

3, altitude is not more than 1000 meters;

4, the transmission medium viscosity does not exceed 1000CP;

5, the main material is cast iron, can not be used for strong corrosive or corrosive medium containing strong;

Note: in the selection or installation of the use of the pump before the actual use of the conditions in line with the above provisions to ensure the correct use of the product!

Structure diagram