Understanding the Patriarchs 4: How Could Rivkah and Yaakov Trick Old, Blind Yitzchak?


In our fourth class on the Patriarchs we discuss the brachah and the bechorah, and such questions as:

Why did Yitzchak and Rivkah love Eisav and Yaakov, respectively?
Does it matter that we know the precise age Yitzchak was when he got married?
Why tell us Rivkah was barren just to tell us – in the same verse – that she conceived twins?
What is the significance of the sale of the birthright? Or Yitzchak digging wells?
If Rivkah thought Yitzchak should bless Yaakov, why didn’t she just say so, why trick him?
What was Yitzchak thinking, anyway; why would he bless Eisav?

All these, and more questions are answered; just click the link below for the class.

Patriarchs 4 2011


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