Parshat Vayishlach – Dinah

In this class we examine the Incident of Dinah as address the question of ambiguity in the text.

Who are the “good guys” and “bad guys” in the story?
Is Yaakov passive or biding his time?
Are the brothers murderous or zealously avenging their sister’s honor?
Are Shechem and Chamor honest brokers caught in an impossible situation or shady con men looking to take advantage and prey on the credulous House of Yaakov?
And what of Dinah herself – what were her actions and emotions throughout the story?

To understand these and many more questions, we closely examine the text, first from the perspective of Yaakov, then the brothers, and finally from the medrash. The results are somewhat surprising, and provide some insight into the perspectives of Yaakov and the sons of Leah in advance of the sale and saga of Yosef.

Parshat Vayishlach – Dinah

Vayishlach Sources FINAL

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